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The Offering

If your organization has a Twitter strategy then you already know how much time it takes to grow your followers. The growth limits set by Twitter and the risk of alienating your potential followers are distractions from the need to network and build relationships.

Let MB Consulting grow your Twitter network with our proprietary process and technology platform. This frees you to execute the critical component of your Twitter strategy, engaging with your customers.

You need to first understand who your most engaged customers are, and then which of them are willing to become an advocate for your brand. The fact is that not all customers are created equal on the social Web.Size means reach which is key to a successful Twitter campaign as it consists of a 100% opt-in fan base. This gives your organization a significant advantage in promoting a brand message, new products and customer support functions. It's a great way to harness the power of social networking.

The challenge is in efficiently maximizing the growth of your network while staying within the Twitter follow limits and tracking who you've previously engaged. To introduce yourself time and again to the same people could slow this process and risk spamming. Tracking this manually can also take a large portion of the work week and months to achieve.

Save time,increase your targeted followers and spend more time creating successful business relationships.

This is not like Hummingbird, or Tweet Adder that follows hundreds of people that are in not your target market. We focus on quality of the user via keyword software that focuses on the users Bio.


1.)”We have used the Twitter Business Application for many of our clients to run Twitter Campaigns to reach our targeted market and increase traffic to their websites”

By Alex Pullen-Owner Of A SEO Company

2.)“Here are the facts:

A.)Total followers UP almost 100%

B.)Total traffic to our site UP 17%

C.)Total traffic via Twitter UP 455%

D.)Total FOB registrations UP 50% “

By @frontofficebox on Twitter.

3.)“We have used the Twitter Business Application to increase traffic and sales to our E-Commerce Food site. We have focused on growing our niche market following. It is about the quality of user not quantity.”

By Stuart Goldstein-Owner Of Jersey Primes Meat,and Jersey Foods.

4.)"The Business Twitter Application has built out our follower base and increased traffic to our website. We have converted this traffic into sales.That is the bottom line."

Darren Frankfort-Owner Of Telecommunications

MB Consulting has developed a process and technology platform which automates the function of growing a Twitter network and achieves significant results in far less time. The auto-manage process is as follows:

1. Assessment of a brand's current following using proprietary keyword analysis.

2. Evaluation of compatible brands using proprietary keyword analysis.

3. Using the results from 1 & 2, conduct daily introductions to new Twitter users.

4. Continuous unfollowing of inactive users help comply with Twitter's follow limit ratio.

5. Anti-spamming technology avoids repeat introductions.

6. An RSS feeder is available to augment the Tweets.

7. A proprietary reporting system constantly evaluates the strength of the network.

Would a like to do a 7 Day Free Trial please email or call 908-309-0074

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Most Twitter users are somewhat web savvy and it is extremely difficult to target a specific subset of the general demographic and determine their level of potential interest.This is where our new Business Intelligence Agent Twitter Application will change the way businesses use Twitter to run successful Twitter campaigns to the market they want to reach.

Getting Started
We can start this process today, now! We require only two elements:
1. A Twitter account's credentials - username and password.
2. Initial payment – Terms To Be Discussed. We will send you an electronic invoice via PayPal.
You'll receive your baseline report within 24 hours and thence weekly.

Contact MB Consulting
If you would like to try this service then contact MB Consulting at either of or (908) 309-0074

Deal Terms and Cost
MB Consulting will setup the application and provide a one week free trial period. After one week, Brand will have the option of canceling or continuing at a monthly cost Terms To Be Discussed per Twitter account. This service is not a substitute for human involvement. The account holder remains responsible for actively engaging their followers. MB Consulting agrees not to disclose the account credentials to any 3rd party and that such credentials will
only be used for the purposes expressed in this offering. Brand may change such credentials should they no longer wish to renew this service.
MB Consulting proprietary service offering 07/01/09


The MB Consulting Business Intelligence Agent application grows client "followers" in a managed and targeted way MB Consulting Business Intelligence Agent makes one-time "introductions" based on the keywords selected above. The application can tweet on behalf of client
through a RSS application though the content of tweets will come from
the client. MB Consulting Business Intelligence Agent is not responsible for the content therein. Byusing MB Consulting Business Intelligence Agent you waive and release any claim for damages,indemnity, or reimbursement against the MB Consulting for any claims or fines
imposed upon you for use of this application. You also waive and
release MB Consulting from any claim for damages associated with your Twitter
account being suspended or terminated.

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